The LeMay Center's Chennault Workshop Series is designed to develop concepts and test doctrinal ideas prior to incorporation into doctrine. For FY20 and FY21, the focus of the Chennault series is on Joint All-Domain Operations. The series is developed, planned and run through the LeMay Center and participation is through invitation. If you are interested in participating in future Chennault Series events please contact the event POC or reach out via your MAJCOM doctrine representative.


Event Topic Dates POC Report
Chennault 1 MDO in the USAF 3-4 Dec 2019 Ivan Moore AAR 1
Chennault 2 AOC Targeting Process 11-13 Feb 2020 Ivan Moore AAR 2
Chennault 3 Integration of Cyber 15-19 Jun 2020 Ivan Moore AAR 3
Chennault 4 Integrated Tasking Order 24-27 Aug 2020 Ivan Moore AAR 4
Chennault 5 Command Relationships 5-8 Oct 2020 Ivan Moore AAR 5
Chennault 6 Mission Type Orders 7-10 Dec 2020 Dale Shoupe AAR 6
Chennault 7 Conditions Based Authorities 16-19 Feb 2021    
JADO Symposium JADO Symposium Apr 21 Maj Ann Hughes  
Chennault 8 TBD TBD (May 21) Maj Ann Hughes